Santa Michael's helpful hints 

For a memorable visit




"Memories That Last A Lifetime"

  • Santa's Suit is very warm and the event location should be cool and comfortable, 65 -70 degrees, a fan would be great. (Not in front of a lighted fireplace)
  • Whenever parking is limited reserve a parking spot for Santa (as close as possible). a sign would add more fun to your event. Examples would be; "Santa Parking Only" or "Reserved for Santa"
  • Santa will call close to his arrival, when he does gather everyone into a central location, be sure to have someone outside to meet him.
  • Santa can carry in 1 bag of presents for the children or guests. (They must be well labeled)
  • Santa does not need to enter through the front door, and it is often exciting to arrive from other locations. (Please have clear pathway and make sure your pets are secured)
  • Before Santa enters gather everyone together in one central location. SANTA LOVES A GRAND ENTERANCE! Santa will have specific amount of time and with everyone in the same place we can make sure the time is well used.
  • Santa will need a sturdy chair to sit in for stable support. Remember children will be sitting on his knee! A straight back chair that can support will usually be adequate. Place the chair in an area with a festive holiday back ground for pictures
  • Think about pictures with everyone at the event, Parents, Grandparents and don't forget the teenagers. This is always great fun. (PLEASE NO PETS)
  • Adult supervision at all times is required to manage the children. Please remember, Santa does not discipline.
  • If a balance payment is due to Santa, please place it in an envelope or Christmas card this is the most appropriate way of handling cash or check without taking away time from the visit.

It is Santa Michael's desire to create

"Memories That Last a Lifetime"

by taking advantage of these helpful hints you can make

memories happen!